Thursday, August 28, 2014

Biggest Compliment Ever!!!

Sometimes I fall in love with a piece that's intended to be part of my rental inventory and then the logical voice inside my head tells me, "What were you thinking?'' I picked up this amazing vintage  work counter a few months back at a barn sale, I saw it online and arrived an hour and 20 minutes early in a thunderstorm just to be the first in line! I fell in love with it over the internet and it was everything and more once I saw it in person. It was aqua chippy perfection with cool vintage hardware. I removed the drill press and my intentions were to put a butcher block top on it and rent it out as a bar or dessert display, I had dreams for this piece.......and then reality struck and I realized hauling this thing back and fourth and loading it on the weekends for weddings would turn into more then I could handle, not to mention the time I'd have to put into refinishing it.  Luckily I came across two bars on my buying trim a couple wks ago, one is finished and on wheels and the other just needs a coat of stain, easy peasy! Not that I want to haul those either, but knowing I don't have to put any work into them somehow sets my mind as ease. So I hesitantly put this on Craigslist with the hopes that someone would appreciate it as much as I did.  An email came in from a name that I knew I had heard before but I just couldn't place it. The deal was done, she told me she was sending her dad to come pick up from Gettysburg. That night her parents showed up in their truck and they told me their daughter was a designer and had a blog.......Miss Mustard Seed!!! I literally freaked out like a giddy little girl and proceeded to embarrass my boyfriend with telling her parents how much of a fan I was!! I am so grateful and thrilled that someone that is such a huge inspiration in the design world picked one of my pieces for her collection. Maybe the best compliment I have ever received!!
You can read more about it on the Miss Mustard Seed blog and see what her plans are for this beauty!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


-It's all in the details-
Take a look at this amazing Edgar Allan Poe inspired shoot right here in my hometown and Poe's of Baltimore, MD!
Sarah Park never falls short when it comes to creativity, and this one is especially breathtaking from the architectural elements in this grand historic venue to the soft touches of lavender against old wood. I love everything about this shoot!

Furniture & Props- Rusty Love
Photography- Love by Serena
Design & Styling- Sarah Park Events
Flowers- Mobtown Florals

Rusty Love @ Gypsy Vintage

Sometimes you meet someone and it just clicks. But it's better when it clicks and that person happens to be in your same business, and the cherry on top is when you both share the same style! A couple years ago I briefly met Melissa from Gypsy Vintage at an auction. I can tell you honestly if there was one other dealer in the state I would have loved to work with it would have been Gypsy Vintage. Time was a factor, I had just started the rentals and soon after was the shop and then One Kings Lane, so there was absolutely no time to even connect and try to collaborate. Timing is everything. I did not renew my lease on my store so I could focus more on selling online and through One Kings Lane. 
Melissa was re-opening Gypsy Vintage in their original farmhouse after a temporary closing. Somehow and thanks to social media we connected and instantly hit it off! First the idea of not having to be in a store everyday sounded more then glorious to me! I still love to do shows, meet customers and set up shop....... I just don't love having to set up shop and be there every single day. The once a month tag sale at Gypsy Vintage was exactly the inlet of selling that I needed to keep my sanity. I still get to be Rusty Love and at the same time work with someone in a partnership that has my same outlook as far as business and style. We just mesh well and when we come together, along with a couple other fab vendors who sell at Gypsy. The results are a vintage heaven, at least we think so and hope you do too! If you haven't been to Gypsy Vintage make sure you come check it out! Tag sale fever is the first weekend of every month in the little white farm house. Every month the shop is completely wiped clean and filled to the brim with a whole new mirage of vintage furniture, candles, jewelry, home decor, new furniture, gifts, and tons more! Here's a little peak into some recent past sales.

5911 Southern Maryland Boulevard
Lothian, MD 20711

1st Sat & Sun of every month

Visit Gypsy Vintage online or on Facebook!

The new logo!

If you have been following along then you know that I've finally divided my rentals from my retail.
The process is grueling and probably the reason I've been putting it off so long! Taking pictures of inventory is the easy part, staging room scenes....not so easy, and not such a fast process! I'm being over the top picky about every little detail and changing my mind on every thing at least 30 times. The trick is getting the branding to flow with the look of everything else, and since House of Presley will be offering all vintage styles, the website is going to take some time,  a lot of time! First step is the logo and thankfully I have a very patient and amazing graphic designer! For now you can find our retail items on One Kings Lane, Chairish and on our new Facebook page for House of Presley
Stay tuned.....!

I'll never have enough pics of this sofa!

Pink Sofa- Rusty Love